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Latest News

Golden Visas Fuel EU Property Price Growth

EU countries offering various investor residency schemes experience strong demand for premium property

  • June 28 2018
Is It Time to Invest in the Cannabis Industry?

With Canada having legalised marijuana and the U.K. considering allowing cannabis for medicinal purposes, is it time to consider pot stock investment?

  • June 22 2018
Take a Look at China’s Fast Growing Property Investment Opportunities

Global investors now regard China's more mature property market as a great opportunity to access one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

  • June 15 2018
Mortgage Providers Expanding Offers for UK Expats

With growing interest in expat mortgages, lenders are relaxing borrowing criteria and offering more products to Britons living abroad

  • June 06 2018
Interest Rises in UK Build-to-Rent Investment Schemes

Build-to-rent property investment is burgeoning in the UK; are private landlords becoming a thing of the past?

  • May 30 2018