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Western Australia Hikes Up Foreign Property Investor Surcharge

The state government of Western Australia declared they would hike its Foreign Buyers Surcharge to 7%.

  • May 18 2018
British Insurers Potentially Barred from Paying Pensions to Expats

Retired Britons living in the EU countries risk losing access to their private pensions after transition ends.

  • May 10 2018
Britain’s Overseas Tax Havens Facing Overhaul

British Overseas Territories will be forced to make public the beneficial owners of companies registered in their jurisdictions.

  • May 09 2018
New UK–Cyprus Tax Treaty Affects Expats with Government Pensions

British retirees in Cyprus receiving pensions paid in respect of government service might see a tax increase under the revised DTA between Cyprus and the UK.

  • May 02 2018
Netherlands to Cut Time Limit for 30% Tax Break for Expats

The Netherland’s government is reducing the time limit for 30% tax break for expats from 8 to 5 years.

  • April 30 2018