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The Power Behind Expat Investor

A forward thinking leader in expat financial services Abbey Wealth have helped thousands of expats with their investments and pensions.

At Expat Investor we partner exclusively with Abbey Wealth in order to offer our readers the ever more popular Expat Investor Options service.

There’re some very good reasons for our choice, read on to learn a little more about why we like Abbey Wealth and choose them as our trusted partner.

We needed a financial services group with deep expertise in expatriate financial planning and wealth management, who understood the unique complexities of managing personal wealth while living, working or retiring as an expatriate. Abbey Wealth were the one company who really stood out and bent over backwards to help us.

Expat Investors

Expats on the whole are wise and cautious investors who like to know everything about an investment service or product before committing to anything.

We wanted an advisory who fully appreciated this and would be committed to helping our readers by providing Expat Investor Options without charge, any form of obligation or pushy annoying sales teams. Abbey Wealth understood and were on board right from the start.

Abbey Wealth are completely independent and their broad marketplace coverage and expertise means that they’re able to help expat investors to access some of the most attractive investment products and services available.

They’ve worked diligently over the past 10 years to secure access for their clients to some of the most exclusive asset management groups and fund managers offering some of the most attractive investment products available.

By using our Expat Investor Options service you will receive full information about the best performing financial products and services. You’ll gain essential knowledge that helps you to decide which investment options are best for your needs.

Importantly, you’ll have a full breakdown of all costs and charges associated with any investment, and if there are elements that you don’t understand or want to ask questions about, Abbey Wealth have a team of senior wealth managers who will happily answer your questions.

Why Abbey Wealth Won’t Charge For A Review

We often receive emails from expats asking why the service is free and if there’s a catch?

We believe that no one should have to pay for financial services before they know what they’re getting. Expat Options gives you the facts and information that you need in order to make an informed decision about what types of investment and savings products are right for your needs.

Of course, Abbey Wealth would love you to become a client of theirs, so they really hope that you see something you like in your Expat Options report. But if you don’t or you want to wait, there’s no heavy handed annoying sales team or any obligation to proceed whatsoever.

If you do decide to follow up on a recommendation, you’ll be investing and saving from an informed point of view. You’ll know all about associated costs and charges, guarantees, expected performance, risk levels, degree of flexibility etc. and Abbey Wealth will work with you to help you to set everything up.

Lastly and most importantly, Abbey Wealth have got your back in future as well.

They do regular reviews, and if market conditions change in a way that could affect your wealth negatively or positively, they’ll contact you to advise of the best way to ensure that you’re always optimising the profitability of your investments.

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Expat Investor financial research is proudly supported by Abbey Wealth.

As a leading, independent voice in expatriate wealth management, Abbey Wealth have helped thousands of expats to optimise their savings and investments while living abroad.

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