First published online in 1999 Expat Investor is the original expat financial publication

Published in UK for expats worldwide, Expat Investor is sponsored by Abbey Wealth - the specialist expat wealth management advisory.

Our Channels

To make it as easy as possible to find the information that you’re looking Expat Investor is divided into three main channels.

Channel 1: Expat Guides

Here you’ll find our core expat financial guides. Each guide covers a key element of successful personal financial management for expats.

Current Expat Financial Guides

Expat Investment Guide – Created for investors or savers who want to understand more about the types of savings and investment products that are available and how to use them to benefit most.

Expat Pension Guide – If you’re planning to retire abroad or have already retired abroad and have a private pension, we’ve created our guide specifically for you. Learn more about the different types of pension products and solutions that are available to expats, the advantages and potential pitfalls of any solution.

Expat Fund Investment Guide – Many expats choose to invest into funds rather than directly into stocks and shares. There are potentially many of advantages available with fund-based investments. Our guide is designed to help expats to understand more about investing into funds and the different fund-based investment options that are available to expats.

Expat International Banking Guide – Reliable and easy to manage banking services are essential for busy expat lifestyles. Our international banking guide helps you to understand more about the differences between a regular bank account and an international account, the advantages that an international bank account offers to expats and what you should be looking for when you’re choosing who to bank with.

Channel 2: Special Features

Looking for some inspiration? If you’re dreaming of living abroad or yearn for the adventure of starting a life in a new country, you’ll love our special features.

Investing and saving wisely is a critical element of any happy and successful lifestyle, however the special moments are about so much more. Expats are among the most passionate and spirited people with a love for life and a true spirit of adventure.

Whether you’re planning to build your career abroad or to escape from dull grey skies and rainy days, you’ll find all the inspiration you need in our special features channel.

Channel 3: Expat Financial News

We aggregate the financial news that matters most to expats.

Our news channel is read by thousands of expats throughout the world; you can even get a weekly update sent straight to your inbox. We look for less published stories that can potentially impact expat finances or give you the opportunity to explore new wealth developing opportunities.

About Expat Investor’s Re Founders

The original founders of Expat Investor decided to discontinue with the publication in 2015. Like with many online publications, the fall off in advertising revenue made keeping the publication alive less and less attractive as a traditional advertising-based business model.

In 2017 Andrew Williamson and Ola Degteva re founded Expat Investor with the goal of delivering high quality content that remained free of charge while ensuring that the publication paid for itself using a sponsor based sustainable business model.

From Williamson and Degteva’s point of view the fall off of advertising revenue from online publications wasn’t such a bad thing.

Blindly loading online media with low value adverts that are often annoying and cause slow website performance never did seem like a good way to present Expat investor’s content. Our single sponsor business model means that you receive high quality content without annoying advertisements or, worse, a pay wall.

Abbey Wealth - Our Sponsors

We’re proud to be sponsored by Abbey Wealth. We receive a great deal of positive mail from many of our expat readers who are very happy and satisfied clients of Abbey Wealth.

For us as publishers it’s fantastic being able to focus on delivering informative content and not having to have a sales team desperately trying to sell as much advertising space as possible.

We know that when readers want more specific information or personal financial advice, Abbey Wealth are there. Fully independent, providing impartial advice and comparing the financial market place to help expats find the best products and services available.

We think Expat Investor works better and delivers more value to our readers this way.

We don’t have to worry about displaying adverts for products or services that we’ve never used or know nothing about. We only promote the one company that we know and trust which is verifiably highly rated by thousands of clients world-wide as one of the most reliable and helpful expatriate financial advisories available.

(*See TrustPilot for Abbey Wealth Independent Reviews. To learn more about Abbey Wealth at Expat Investor see our Abbey Wealth Review.)

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to know more about Expat Investor or have any other questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.