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Western Australia Hikes Up Foreign Property Investor Surcharge

The state government of Western Australia declared they would hike its Foreign Buyers Surcharge to 7%.

  • May 18 2018
British Insurers Potentially Barred from Paying Pensions to Expats

Retired Britons living in the EU countries risk losing access to their private pensions after transition ends.

  • May 10 2018
Britain’s Overseas Tax Havens Facing Overhaul

British Overseas Territories will be forced to make public the beneficial owners of companies registered in their jurisdictions.

  • May 09 2018
New UK–Cyprus Tax Treaty Affects Expats with Government Pensions

British retirees in Cyprus receiving pensions paid in respect of government service might see a tax increase under the revised DTA between Cyprus and the UK.

  • May 02 2018
Netherlands to Cut Time Limit for 30% Tax Break for Expats

The Netherland’s government is reducing the time limit for 30% tax break for expats from 8 to 5 years.

  • April 30 2018
Welcome to Malta – Blockchain Island

While world governments take a defensive approach towards blockchain, Malta's planning to become the most crypto-friendly jurisdiction in Europe.

  • April 23 2018
Portugal Property No Longer Such a Good Bet For Bargain Hunters

Portugal's housing market experienced the second highest year-on-year growth in property prices in the end of last year, according to Eurostat.

  • April 17 2018
Germany Top The List for Brits Choosing to Maintain Their EU Citizenship Post Brexit

The number of Britons becoming citizens of another EU country more than doubled in 2016, data showed, and it looks like the trend is set to continue.

  • April 16 2018
Automotive Investors Could Be Hit Hardest by Tariff Battles

The escalation of the US - China trade dispute could land in serious trouble a number of industries, but it's the automakers who are bearing the biggest risk.

  • April 05 2018
Steady Growth in Cyprus Property Sales Continues in 2018

The upward trend in Cyprus property sales that started last year continues in 2018 with year on year growth having been recorded for several months in a row.

  • April 04 2018