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Steady Growth in Cyprus Property Sales Continues in 2018

The upward trend in Cyprus property sales that started last year continues in 2018 with year on year growth having been recorded for several months in a row.

  • April 04 2018
Brits Eyeing Dordogne Towns as Their Post-Brexit Home

The southwest of France is experiencing a surge in British property hunters rushing to secure a home and residency in the sun before the Brexit day comes.

  • March 29 2018
Spain’s Highest Court Rules Against the IHT That Discriminates Non-EEA Citizens

Non-EEA owners of Spanish property who are non-residents in Spain must pay the same Inheritance Tax as EU citizens, ruled the Spanish Supreme Court last month.

  • March 28 2018
Gold and Gold Miners Might Be on the Up in the Coming Weeks

A weaker dollar and ongoing geopolitical tensions might push the price of the gold and gold miners' stock up over the next few weeks.

  • March 27 2018
High Gold-to-Silver Ratio: a Worrying Sign or a Bargain for Silver?

The discrepancy between average gold and silver prices has reached its highest in two years.

  • March 26 2018