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Panama and the UAE Among Those Removed from EU Tax Haven Blacklist

January 24th 2018

Just a few weeks after publishing its tax haven blacklist, the EU announces of its decision to remove eight countries from the list including the UAE and Panama.

Apple Repatriating Its Overseas Cash Stash Back to the US

January 22nd 2018

Apple is bringing almost all of its overseas fund back to the States: the amount of cash being repatriated has excited investors, but what exactly Apple is planning to do with it is yet to be discovered.

British Expats’ Property Investment Interest is Homebound

January 22nd 2018

British expats in Europe and all over the world are actively investing in UK property market, says Skipton International citing the rise of buy-to-let mortgage applications from UK expats submitted last year.

French Wealth Tax Abolition Opens Opportunities for Expat Residents

January 22nd 2018

New 2018 amendments to French Wealth Tax are good news for affluent expats resident in France or those planning to move to the country: latest regulations considerably reduce tax bills and allow for more profitable investments worlwide.

Financial services bring offshore jobs back To UK

December 18th 2017

With growing pressure for financial services to remain cost efficient and competitive many are choosing to move their current offshore operation back onshore. London looks set to benefit most from this growing trend.

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